Friday, November 9, 2007 Adds Profiles of Local Bands

The Omaha World-Herald's online portal,, is now offering profiles of local bands.

The 24 bands listed link to a separate page featuring genre, a bio, band member information, photos, a discography and official website (when available).

The Monroes list their genre as "Tractor Punk."


The Mighty Favog said...

If you read Revolution 21's Blog for the People or listened to the Revolution 21 podcast regularly, you'd know what tractor punk was.

That's because you'd hear The Monroes, and sometimes read about such things as "tractor punk."

Which is like regular punk. Only on tractors.

Go to the Oct. 19 podcast. You'll hear The Monroes, and some Simon Joyner, too.

Anonymous said...

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