Friday, May 4, 2007

Webber Honored By Girls and Boys Town

Dave Webber, courtesy of WOWT.comWOWT (Cox Channel 8) Sports Director Dave Webber was awarded Thursday with Honorary Citizenship at Girls and Boys Town for his longtime dedication to the nation's largest privately funded organization serving severely at-risk children.

Webber has served as emcee of the Girls and Boys Town Booster Banquet for more than 10 years. He has also performed voiceover work and assisted the community and its residents in a variety of other ways, according to Girls and Boys Town Director of Public Relations John Melingagio.

"Because we are an incorporated Nebraska village, all of our children are officially sworn in as citizens when they arrive," Melingagio said. "Special people like Dave are honored by Girls and Boys Town with citizenship."

Girls and Boys Town Mayor Caitlin Huber and National Executive Director Father Steve
Boes presented Webber with his citizenship in front of more than 200 of the community's student-athletes and a total audience of 1,200 at last night's Booster Banquet.

During a story in Thursday's 10 p.m. broadcast, Webber said he was honored to join the list of Girls and Boys Town honorary citizens such as Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney and Mike Ditka.

"Dave had to promise, like our girls and boys, to study hard, play fair and pray well all his days as a citizen," Melingagio said.


Anonymous said...

Good for Dave Webber! I can't think of a local news media person who has done more for the community than he has. He's a wonderful person with a big heart. Kudos go out to him.

Anonymous said...

Dave Webber: oustanding citizen, humanitarian and good guy. seriously (no sarcasm at all).

Dave Webber: also a terrible sportscaster. seriously (no sarcasm at all).

Fortunately, the first entry outweighs the second.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above poster. Webber does so many syrupy-good public relations gigs that I can't tell if he's delivering us a sportscast or an infomercial.

Anonymous said...

Sad that the world at large always has to find a negative instead of focusing on the positive.

Anonymous said...

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