Friday, May 25, 2007

CNN Revises Video Delivery System

CNN's subscriber-only video delivery service on its website will be available for free beginning July 1.

The $25-a-month "Pipeline" service on was launched in December of 2005 and was designed to enhance the way people viewed news by offering "an extensive portfolio of online content and live video streams." CNN's video archives and on-demand news clips (about 50,000) from the network's newsgathering operations were also available via the service.

This will be the second time in two years that CNN has changed its subscription policies for video. In June 2005, the Time Warner Inc. unit stopped charging for its video in preparation for a premium offering that launched six months later.

CNN it said may eventually show ads with the live video but not immediately.

In a related story earlier this week, CNN has entered into a content and advertising relationship with Internet Broadcasting (formerly known as Internet Broadcasting Systems or "IBS") to supply local news content to Already, KETV (Cox Channel 9) has begun supplying video content and stories as part of the agreement.

A press release reveals that as part of the relationship between the two entities, CNN is acquiring an equity position in Internet Broadcasting, joining Hearst-Argyle Television, as well as Post-Newsweek Stations, McGraw-Hill Broadcasting, and Split Rock Partners as equity owners in the company. CNN will also gain a seat on Internet Broadcasting's Board of Directors.


Guy Incognito said...

If I had started an internet broadcasting company, I might have picked a name that didn't have the same acronym as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

But you did pick a name that has the same acronym as gastro-intestinal.

Anonymous said...

anonymous #2:

That is wit! I haven't laughed this hard since coming onto this blog. Very clever!

Anonymous said...

IBS! Ewww!

Anonymous said...

Okay. Forgive me, because I don't know much about this kind of thing. But this confuses me. Why would KETV be supplying video to CNN? Wouldn't that be a conflict considering that its an ABC station and ABC has its own news website?

Anonymous said...

I know this is off-topic, but who is the new guy on KETV?

Anonymous said...

re 8:10

There's also the issue of other CNN affiliates in each market. Who's to say that they start refusing to give CNN video because CNN will only allow IBS affiliates web visibility on their site? ABC won't be an issue because KETV will still share with ABC, same as KPTM does with CNN and FOX, and KMTV does with CBS and FOX. Bottom line, with so much deregulation, the only thing that matters is whether the companies have the money and spin control to do as they please. Besides, who's going to challenge them in Government? Nobody who wants to have enough money to campaign effectively..

Anonymous said...

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