Thursday, May 24, 2007

CNN's Most Popular Videos Come From Omaha

Thursday morning, the two most popular videos on were a pair of stories from Omaha.

The most popular was a story on the "virgin birth" of a shark at the Henry Doorly Zoo. Reporter Damon Green of the London office of the Independent Television Network (ITN) produced the report.

The second-most popular video comes from KETV (Cox Channel 9) reporter Carol Kloss and her story earlier this week about a University of Nebraska-Omaha sociology student who took a job as a stripper for class credit. (Watch the version here.)


Brian said...

Yeah, there was an article on KETV's web site earlier this week, I believe, that said they entered into a partnership with CNN to exchange content.

If I remember right, KETV will get more National news-type stories from CNN and CNN will get local stuff from KETV.

I tried to find the article again, but was unsuccessful.

Anonymous said...

Carol Kloss must be so proud of her little stripper story. Sex sells, who knew?

Usually the number one slot on CNN video goes to an American Idol story or a story about a cat that survives a 3 month trans-atlantic boat trip while surving on puddle water and mice.

Anonymous said...

If you were in Chicago would the number 1 video be a Chicago story?

Does CNN's web page cater content for the market where the reader is logged on?

Brian said...

@ 8:56 AM


Anonymous said...

Now if we can just find a virgin stripper... Dammit! That would be news!

Anonymous said...

or a stripper without kids, that's news there!

Anonymous said...

As a UNO alum, I take offense to the stripper story. As a 20s patron, I take offense to use of the word stripper. These are bikini clad dancers. Get your facts right.

Anonymous said...

let's be politically correct while we are at it... they are clothing-impaired