Wednesday, May 2, 2007

KFAB News Director A Guest On 'Nancy Grace'

Tom Stanton, courtesy of KFAB.comKFAB (1110 AM) News Director Tom Stanton shared details Monday with CNN's Nancy Grace of a pit bull's weekend attack on an Omaha mail carrier.

While introducing Stanton, Grace referred to KFAB's frequency as "1-1-1-OH." The interview also featured Mark Langan, a former Omaha Police sergeant who is now vice president of field operations for the Nebraska Humane Society.

Here is a partial transcript of the interview:

GRACE: How many attacks on people will it take before legislation is enacted regarding pit bulls? Let`s go out to Tom Stanton, news director with news radio 1110 KFAB. What happened?

TOM STANTON, NEWS DIRECTOR, NEWS RADIO 1110 KFAB: Well, Nancy, good evening. This was a case that happened Saturday afternoon. A mail carrier in Omaha was on his routine route. He went up to a house and, as he was delivering the mail, he was greeted at the front door by a pit bull.

These mailmen are trained to put their foot up against the door to keep dogs from charging out of the house. In this particular case, though, the pit bull jumped through the screen on the door and began attacking the mailman on the front porch. He was trying to fend off the pit bull with his mail bag, but it was ripped out of his hand.

The carrier struggled with the dog for what we believe is about three minutes before the owner could come out and pull the pit bull off of the mail carrier. He did suffer some serious bite wounds to his right leg and also both of his hands, as he was trying to fight with the dog. The good news, though, he was released that night from the hospital, and he`s preparing to go back to work.

Read the rest of the transcript by clicking here. (Scroll down past the introductory story.)


Anonymous said...

I tell you, if you try and have a local ordinance passed to ban pit bulls then all the crazy people come out of the woodwork. Those pit bull people are crazy, you can take away their right to vote and they don't care but you outlaw pit bulls and they howl bloody murder.

Anonymous said...

i have contacted NHS and sheriff's about a vicious dog in my neighborhood. I have personally talked to this 'tool' Mark Langan, VP of NHS field ops who was also mentioned in this story. Bottom line - they aren't willing to do anything until someone gets hurt. Even though the owners admitted to animal control that the dog is vicious and will attack if they want it too. Nice, huh?

Anonymous said...

Here is a recent article about a dog that died defending five kids from two pitbulls.;_ylt=AvsiH6FSBpOKZu_snzJXpcHlWMcF

Anonymous said...


Nice of ol' Nancy to branch out into a topic other than Anna Nicole's baby.

My only question is - did she have a "Breaking News" tag above Tom's name and title.

Also, you gotta cut ol' Nancy some slack on that 1-1-1-Oh reference. This new fangled technology called "radio" is a bit foreign to her.

What do you expect after spending her entire TV career completely isolated in the media bubble of OJ, Holloway, Anna Nicole, etc. analyzing and psycho-analyzing those stories to a pulp. Nancy, you can stop now, the proverbial horse is dead.

Now, I will give her a lot of credit for bringing attention to the scum bag pedophiles, rapists, etc. in society and doesn't hold punches when it comes to those guys.

Anonymous said...

Langan is an ex-Omaha cop so you know he won't do anything unless he has too.

Anonymous said...

Woof, woof, woof!

Michael Dempsey said...

Nancy think that pitbulls have a problem. She's right, bad owners. Pits are loving family dogs which are also physically strong. That's why people train them to attack.
But saying that it's obvious that Pits and Rotties just attack people is like saying that all Black people are criminals, or all irish people are drunks, or all jews are cheap, Polish people are stupid, ............etc.
I'm sure you get the point. I'm also surprised that a news person is not open minded enough to find out the truth of what causes dogs to attack. Pits are so physically gifted that a small attack causes much damage. BUT on the list of the top 100 dogs to bite a human, pits are # 96. Educate don't alienate!

Obbop said...

Dog people are notorious for allowing their emotions to overcome whatever minute amount of rational thought that accidently creeps into their addled minds.

Of course, those dog people may be surprised when their beloved bowser chews an a rough tough guy's kid and they are enlightened in the good old-fashioned way.

Let it come. Let it come.

Anonymous said...

I'm a vet tech and i see a lot of good animals and a lot of bad one's. It all comes down to the OWNERS! It's how their raised and taught,just like children.Pit bulls are a strong breed. If you can't handle them then you shoul'nt have one. But if you can, they can be the most loyal and fun family pet.

Anonymous said...

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