Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cowherd Originates National Show From Omaha

Cowherd at ESPN STudiosESPN Radio talk show host Colin Cowherd (pictured) originated his national radio show Wednesday and Thursday from NRG Media-owned Omaha radio station KOZN (1620 AM).

Cowherd was in Omaha to serve as the keynote speaker at the annual B’nai B’rith Sports Banquet Wednesday night. Nearly 1,000 sports, business and government leaders attended the event.

NRG Omaha awarded $1,500 scholarships to Omaha North's Niles Paul, male high school student-athlete of the year and Kelsey Woodard of Bellevue West, female high school student-athlete of the year.

The Colin Cowherd Show is heard weekdays from 9 to noon on 1620 The Zone and more than 300 stations nationwide.


matt p said...

who cares... this guy is a tool! look at his picture..... forever love travis justice!

Anonymous said...

He's The Zone's national version of Travis Justice -- loud, borderline obnoxious and uninformed.

The only thing working in Cowherd's favor is that he's not a lapdog for Toad and Teabag.

Anonymous said...

Cowherd is the man.

The thing I don't understand is awarding those two kids scholarships. They both have athletic scholarships for college. I don't know about Woodard, but Paul will not be paying a dime for college as a football player. Why not give this free money to kids who need it?

Anonymous said...

It could have been worse -

Remember when "The Fabulous Sports Babe" had that time slot for ESPN Radio???

The sad part is that ESPN use to simulcast part if not all of her show. AUGH!

I think that is where the term having a face for radio came about.

Anonymous said...

I think all scholarships given out should specifically and only be offered to students in OPS. Kids in all the other districts don't need the money, their parents basically pay for everything, so yeah, I'm glad someone from OPS got it.

Anonymous said...

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