Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Differences Between TV and Newspaper Journalists

LenslingerVeteran TV news photojournalist Stewart Pittman (right) compares TV and newspaper journalists in the latest entry on his "Viewfinder Blues" blog.

A sampling:

Newspaper folk think TV news people are vapid and overwrought; arbiters of inanity and walking examples of everything that’s wrong with modern day journalism. TV news people rarely think of newspaper folk at all.

* * *

TV news people begin their day leafing through every print edition they can lay hands on in hopes of finding a story to scavenge. Newspaper folk rush to the nearest television set whenever there’s breaking news. Neither group likes to admit it.

* * *

TV news people have no idea what it takes to fill all that column space. They cannot fathom the amount of research and internal debate that goes into the average Sunday cover story. Newspaper folk couldn’t turn a five o clock press conference into a six o clock lead story if their families were being held at gunpoint.

Read his entire entry here.