Monday, October 29, 2007

'Big Red Zone Gameday' Wins Regional Emmy

KETV's "Big Red Zone Gameday" was awarded a Regional Emmy® Saturday night at the 21st Annual Heartland Regional Emmy® Awards and Silver Circle Presentations in Denver.

The honor came in the "Sportscast" category against two other nominees: "Susie Wargin ­ More than just a hairdo" (KUSA, Denver) and "Jesse Kurtz" (KKTV, Colorado Springs).

KETV had a total of seven entries in the competition, which was dominated by Denver market stations.

In the "Topical Documentary" category, NET Television won for "On the Frontline: Nebraskans at War in Iraq" (Mike Tobias, Producer/Reporter/Writer and Ray Meints, Videographer/Editor) and for "Crane Song" (Perry Stoner, Producer and Ralph Hammack, Videographer/Editor) while UNO Television won for its entry in the same category, "Madagascar ­Conservation vs Survival" (Gary Repair, Producer, B.J. Hutchemann, Script, Brian Shaffer, Editor/Graphics/Effects, Steve O'Gorman, Location Audio and Mark G. Dail, Chief Videographer).


stella was a diver and she's always down said...

Wow. They managed to beat a story called "More than Just a Hairdo".

Just tell me this means Matt Schick is getting a new job. Seriously, I'll draft a letter of recommendation to ESPN myself if it'll get him off Omaha television that much sooner.

Anonymous said...

"Stella" - are your TV sets stuck on KETV? "No", you say? Holy crap...quit acting like you don't have alternatives.

casey said...

Stella. I bet your life is miserably boring. Figure out how to use the tv'll help.

stella was a diver and she's always down said...

I try watching KETV when I'm positive Matt Schick won't be on. But then they'll go and pull a fast one and I end up having to look at him.

They're sneaking on that channel.

Anonymous said...

Wow stella is a little bitter. I think Matt's an excellent sportscaster. Change the channel if you don't like him.

Anonymous said...

I know I change the channel everytime the little weasel is on.

Jesus, let me know !!!! said...

Congrats to the production folks there who did 90% of the work for this show!

Anonymous said...

I like to watch Matt.

The one I have NO tolerance for is still FUBAR.

Anonymous said...

I think we all can agree on fubar!

dingbat said...

Blah, blah, blah. Why are we all in a snit? He's only anchors twice a week. Its not like they pushed Carol Schraeder out the door to bring in Matt Schick.

Anonymous said...

Stella -

You're weird.

Maybe you should go outside and take a nice walk around the block. Perhaps a diet Pepsi might lighten your mood or even a good book? To get so worked up about on-air personalities can't be healthy.

I can only imagine how critical you are of the person you wake up to everyday.

Especially if it's just yourself.

Anonymous said...

You know, you really shouldn't call anybody weird on a board where people are talking about the size of the female anchors boobs.

Just hearing that makes me all kinds of nervous about what people are really doing when they watch the news.

stella was a diver and she's always down said...

Now, now. Nobody has tied you to a chair and forced you to read my comments, now have they?

I'm sorry. But the guy was obviously excited to have his blog flourishing. Mind you, it wasn't because he himself had done anything extraordinary. It was only precipitated by other people's miserable failures. That just really leaves a bad taste is my mouth. That would be like a news station running ads that said, "More people watched our coverage of Senator So-And-So's dramatic fall from grace and forced retirement". Who does that?

If circumstances result in greater visibility for yourself, I can't really fault you for that. But boasting about it? "We had 15,000 views this week, making 'Schick's Shtick' the 9th-most visited page on". I easily see him putting that on a resume: "Ran a blog that was the 9th most visited website". Like I said, bad taste in my mouth.

The flippant responses by the KETV crew on this board make it obvious that it doesn't bother anybody over there...Kinda sad.

But then again, this is the same state were people are actually overjoyed to learn that an injury has ended a quarterback's collegiate career...So I don't know why I pretend to act surprised.

Chris said...'re not very bright. Matt isn't saying those things about his own blog,others are noticing the number of posts/views. Do yourself a big favor and get a life today. It's simple...there are other sportscasters in Omaha. Watch one of them!

stella was a diver and she's always down said...

Sorry, Chris, but you are incorrect.

He is saying that right there in his blog itself. Look for yourself. Entry from 10/20. This is a direct quote:

"We had 15,000 views this week, making "Schick's Shtick" the 9th-most visited page on"

So you might want to do a little research on your end before you open your mouth and start insulting people. Hmmm?

stella was a diver and she's always down said...

By the way. The whole "get a life" response. Getting kind of old.

Basically thats one's way of saying, "I don't agree with you...So I'm just going to insult you for being on a message board...The same message board that I am currently using to draft this response"

Seth said...

It just comes down to this...if you don't like him, don't watch him. You don't need to go on a blog and speak negatively about him. Does it make people feel better to do that??? Unbelievable.

Mary said...

And if you listen to what Matt has to say, he would never wish these losses on the players or coaches. He's not hoping for losses simply so the blog does well. But it's pretty obvious he works hard and does a good job with it...whether you agree with what he's writing or not. It's going a bit far to assume he's enjoying the bad season. He enjoys meeting with the players and doing fun stories. That's obviously not something he's been able to do this year. I'd hate to have his job and have to talk about disappointment day after day. Leave the poor guy alone.

stella was a diver and she's always down said...

Are you kidding me? That's all people do here...Is come and speak negatively about media personalities. Just because I haven't targeted the usual favorites like Farah Fazal, Sheila Brummer and Travis Justice makes me any different?

Good thinking...From now on, whenever somebody criticizes any on-air personality on this board, I'll simply invite them to get a life and change the channel and stop their whining.

We'll see how well that goes over.

Anonymous said...

"stella" has good taste in music. turn on the bright lights is one of my 5 top favorite albums, ever.

Anonymous said...

Stella --

You say he's delighting in the Huskers' struggles given the fact that his blog #s are up. That's a bunch of hooey.

He did say "we had 15,000 hits last week..." That is a statement of fact. Should he not say it simply because the Huskers are struggling?

Talking about your blog hits adds credibiility... just like people talk about their high number of "viewer comments" when a story is controversial. That's not delighting in controversy... it is simply stating fact.

Stop digging for negativity and go watch Lifetime.

stella was a diver and she's always down said...

Yeah, I know. WOWT does that all the time. They'll say in a news-story, "We had 200 responses to a story on our webpage". But what haven't I seen? Them doing what is essentially a press release about it.

I'm certainly not about to deny that I'm being negative. I'll own up to that. But you know what would be cool? Matt Schick owning up to the same thing. And you want to defend him, that's cool. But I'll end up pointing you to a single quote made after the Missouri loss:

"Corey McKeon probably won't be able to go to class without thinking people are talking about him."

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know McKeon was upset in a press conference the previous week. And people will say "That wacky Schick is just trying to be funny. But, you know, I just have never been a big fan of kicking somebody when they're down. How can one be expected to read that any other way?

Faceless nobodies saying that kind of thing on a message board is one thing. But perhaps I'm wrong thinking sportscasters should be held to a higher standard, especially when we're talking about collegiate sports.

So I dunno, maybe he needs Lifetime too. I'm sure there's a Golden Girls marathon on or something.

Anonymous said...

I think Stella is actually Matt Schick dumming himself WAY down just to boost the numbers on his blog.

Jason Peter live in the KE studio last week was interesting.

Anonymous said...

Stella...the reason Matt Schick made that comment is because Corey said that in a statement. Schick wasn't making it was a quote from McKeon.

stella was a diver and she's always down said...

Like I said, I know the McKeon story. But I still think it was extremely unprofessional for Matt Schick to make such a comment. What purpose does it serve...Except to be insulting?

But, hey, if you think those kind of comments are acceptable, there really isn't much else I can do. Except not watch. I'd actually prefer the Lifetime movie of the week.

I suppose I could reply to all the name-calling. But am I big proponent for that? Not so much.

On the bright side, people have become accustomed to the football team losing. Like Joy Division said "What you gonna do when the novelty is gone?"

Anonymous said...

HOLD UP PEOPLE!!!! where was the blog where people are talking about the size of the female anchors boobs????


Anonymous said... about noticing that NET Television won three Emmys, comparared to one for KETV. So who is doing quality TV in this state?

Anonymous said...

guess this brings up the whole journalism versus blogging thing.

that is, should matt be allowed to make statements that may or may not be opinionated? probably not in an official news/sports capacity... but blogs are supposed to be less formal, right?

like that whole jenni carlson OSU quarterback thing -- her statements were published in a newspaper sports section as an official record. but she also bashes the guy a bit in her blog... doesn't it seem like the former feels wrong while the latter is more acceptable?

Anonymous said...

3:28 - If nothing else, Professional journalism should be objective. I would hope readers here would agree. Matt's delivery is snarky, true, and I understand that not all people can connect with his sense of humor. I find it interesting, however, that many posters (particularly on his own blog) blast him for perceived negativity toward the Huskers, while encouraging him to be supportive and uplifting of the team during his broadcasts. Wouldn't an encouraging or uplifiting slant on a story, particularly during a season like the Huskers are currently facing, be unobjective journalism as well?

dingbat said...

I don't like excessive encouragement in sports coverage or excessive negativity. If a team does well, its OK to give them a shout-out. If they do bad, its OK to say what-the-f***?

But I don't really like seeing players singled out with snarky under-your-breath type comments. Whatever the intention, it looks bad.

Anonymous said...

6:51PM -

Your comments are well put. And in reading his blog, it is very tame compared to other drivel you read. I enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

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