Wednesday, April 25, 2007

World-Herald Wins Nine First Place NNPA Awards

The Omaha World-Herald came away with nine first place honors at the Nebraska News Photographers Association awards, including Photographer of the Year (for the fifth consecutive year) for staffer Matt Miller.

The list of winners:

Picture Story: 1, Laura Inns, The World-Herald; 2, Scott Kingsley, Grand Island Independent; 3, Matt Miller, The World-Herald.

Feature: 1, Kiley Cruse, The World-Herald; 2, Rebecca S. Gratz, The World-Herald; 3, Lane Hickenbottom, Grand Island Independent.

Sports Action: 1, Jeff Beiermann, The World-Herald; 2, Jill Peitzmeier, Lincoln Journal Star; 3, William Lauer, Lincoln Journal Star.

Spot News:
1, Eric Gregory, Lincoln Journal Star; 2, Hickenbottom, Grand Island Independent; 3, Lauer, Lincoln Journal Star.

General News: 1, Kent Sievers, The World-Herald; 2, Nati Harnik, Associated Press; 3, Gratz, The World-Herald.

Sports Feature: 1, Miller, The World-Herald; 2, Barrett Stinson, Grand Island Independent; 3, Michael McNamara, Lincoln Journal Star.

1, Miller, The World-Herald; 2, Stinson, Grand Island Independent; 3, Hickenbottom, Grand Island Independent.

Portrait/Personality: 1, Miller, The World-Herald; 2, Gregory, Lincoln Journal Star; 3, Lauer, Lincoln Journal Star.

Illustration: 1, Miller, The World-Herald; 2, Hickenbottom, Grand Island Independent; 3, Sievers, The World-Herald.

Multiple Picture Package:
1, Hickenbottom, Grand Island Independent; 2, Sievers, The World-Herald; 3, Inns, The World-Herald.


Anonymous said...

Where's the TV list??

Anonymous said...

All winners, TV/Newspaper/College, are listed here.

Anonymous said...

I know who won't be winning an award for editing. In today's edition of the Lincoln Journal Star, they did a story on Roger Welch. Well, the map they had to indicate where Dannebrog is located also noted the town on "Paul" last I looked, there is no such place in Nebraska. Now, there is a St. Paul because, well, I was born there or at least that is what the old birth certificate says, but apparently the Lincoln Journal Star refuses to acknowledge its existence. Or, they have horrible editors. You decide.

Sean Weide said...


The TV list of winners was summarized in an item in last week's print edition of the City Weekly.

Anonymous said...

Poster 3:

Actually there is a village by the name of Paul in Nebraska. It sits between Nebraska City and Auburn. I think the population can't be more than 25 though. I've had the pleasure (?) of driving through there several times.

Anonymous said...

I'm poster five and to clarify for those who might be misinformed, the Journal-Star still missed the boat by naming St. Paul as Paul.

knucklehead said...

My, what a horrible mistake. Get a life 7:27.

Anonymous said...

No, the LJS needs to do a better job instead of insulting their readership on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

9:56 AM:

Maybe you need a geography lesson. Knucklehead is a perfect moniker. Get to know your state idiot.

Anonymous said...

Knucklehead, talk about the pot calling the kettle black here. If you had any semblance of a life, you wouldn't be posting on here would you. (Or allowing the voices in the ether to agitate you so much. 7:27 must have struck some raw nerve there) I freely admit, I have no life, that's why I'm here; to live vicariously through the comments of posters like 7:27. World without end. Amen.

Anonymous said...

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