Monday, April 9, 2007

Leftovers From The Laptop

Journal Sells Off 1490 AM, Completes KMTV Purchase
The Journal Broadcast Group has completed the sale of radio station KOMJ-AM (1490 AM) to Cochise Broadcasting LLC. Journal was required to sell off one of its Omaha media properties due to FCC regulations on the number of stations an entity can own in a single market.

At the same time as the sale of KOMJ, Journal also made a final payment of $10 million to Emmis Communications for the purchase of KMTV (Cox Channel 5). The CBS affiliate was working under a local marketing agreement since Dec. 5, 2005 while awaiting approval by the Federal Communications Commission of the transfer of the television station license.

Peterson's Co-Anchor Starts Next Week
Former KMTV anchor Greg Peterson will be joined next week on the desk at WPMI in Mobile, Ala., by former Miss Ohio World beauty pageant winner Raquel Eatmon.

The two will anchor the station's 5, 6 and 10 p.m. weekday newscasts.

Eatmon's first night on the air will be April 16. She last worked for KTVT-TV in Dallas.

Cox Communications Offers Extra Innings Package
Customers of Cox Communications in Omaha can purchase Major League Baseball's subscription pay-per-view package, Extra Innings. The subscription package will deliver about 70 out-of-market baseball games per week.

Cox also announced it will offer The Baseball Channel when it becomes available in 2009. Cox and other cable operators will own a minority stake in the channel.

"Cox is thrilled to offer our customers who are avid baseball fans a way to see all the MLB action this season," said Kristin Peck, vice president of government and public affairs for Cox Communications in Omaha in a press release. "With Extra Innings, subscribers can follow their favorite teams no matter where they play, while even watching many of the games in high-definition."

The Extra Inning package for the regular season is $199.96. More information is available at

Altman April Fools' Day Joke Was A Doozy
Travis Justice threw Creighton University basketball fans into a tizzy even before Coach Dana Altman announced he was leaving for Arkansas (only to return to the Jays).

Justice started the April 1 edition of "Sports Soundoff presented by Horseshoe Casino" with "breaking news" that Altman had agreed to a contract extension paying him 1.8 million dollars a year at Creighton. The deal also included bonus incentives amounting to $200,000 ($100k for reaching the Sweet 16 and another $100k for advancing to the Elite Eight).

Justice said Creighton justified the new contract based on three things:

-- A two-year study that shows the success of the basketball team has a direct impact on enrollment. More students means more money.

-- Season ticket sales are at an all-time high. A portion of the seat tax would go toward Altman’s salary.

-- Nike was tripling its support of Creighton basketball and putting Altman on its "A List" of coaches when it comes to speaking engagements at camps.

"We kept this up for about eight to 10 minutes," Justice said.

Finally, at the end of the show's first segment, Justice broke the news to viewers that it was all a ruse.


Anonymous said...

Beauty Queen and The Old Fart"

Sounds like a sitcom pairing if ever there was one.

Anonymous said...

Leave it up to Travis Justice to come up with the lamest April Fools Joke ever.

Excuse me...Mr. Altman? Can I suck up to you just a little bit more?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's a pretty stupid joke. I remember KETV did one about 15 years ago saying they were going to put a dome on Rosenblatt. I think they even interview PJ Morgan for it. Now THAT'S an April Fools joke.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it, a former beauty queen now doing television journalism.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Greg - you control yourself down there in Alabama. Hopefully, she has better on screen abilities and skills than that traffic reader (former Miss Nebraska) employed at Channel 7.

Next up. Hey, the fat man made a funny. April's Fools jokes are old and tired. Kind of like his act on TV and the radio.

Anonymous said...

Beauty Queen and an old Fart... We could call the sitcom "The Kingdom of Queervera - The joke that is people in Omaha who think they are important!

Anonymous said...

The suspense is killing me. Were the 17 people watching Travis' show fooled or not?

Anonymous said...

Too bad I already switched to DirecTV for the MLB package. No worries though, the service and picture quality are already better then Cox.

Anonymous said...

Quit bashing on Jana Murell! She never went to school for broadcasting! She's getting her doctorate in physical therapy and was asked by Mike'l Severe to apply for that job when she was Miss Nebraska. I think she does a great job... it's just that job would make anyone look stupid. It IS stupid to have traffic reports in Omaha!

And as far as people bashing former beauty queens: they win a pageant because they are well-spoken and attractive... EXACTLY the same things you people on here bash other anchors/reporters for lacking. Jana is obviously a smart, well-spoken lady in addition to being very beautiful, as is Raquel Eatmon.

Anonymous said...

No, Jana Murell is horrible.

And that Travis Justice is one wacky trickster!

Obbop said...

I possess HUGE mamallian protrusions of the male kind due to my extremely Rubenesque figure.

Maybe that would qualify for being a teleprompter reader!!!!!

I got those phony plastic store-bought teeth that partially hides the missing pearly whites.

Can't do much about the ugly mug but maybe I could go the lawsuit route and force the homely to be hired via some obscure statute.

Just you wait ye imbecilic Heartland dwellers. The Bubbas of the world will take their rightful place alongside the brain-dead mental midgets, brainless tumors and fanatical BIG RED fans lowering the average IQ of this provincial cultural backwater by at least 11.67 percentage points.

Anonymous said...

Troll Alert!

Anonymous said...

Would everyone stop bashing Trav. If not, he'll whine and cry on TnT in the morning because people are picking on him and he'll want Sean's blog shut down.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY way to get rid of Travis Justice it to ignore him. But then again, it's hard to ignore a train wreck when it happens right in front of you.

Michael Carnes said...

Travis who?

damnyankee said...

Beauty Queen - Let's for a moment examine that term with "former Miss Ohio World".

What in heavens name pageant is THAT?

We all saw Little Miss Sunshine....

Anonymous said...

'It IS stupid to have traffic reports in Omaha!'..

That statement IS generally stupid. Omaha is a metro area of just until 1 million people (860,000). What? We don't drive cars/have traffic in Omaha? Lol. That statement would be more relevantin, say, for Lexington, NE. NOT the 60th largest metropolitan area in the USA (Yep. That would be Omaha in case you didn't know).

Anonymous said...

Typo aside. I agree with this last guy. Omaha is a significantly populated metropolitan area (nearly 1 million). It NEEDS traffic reports. The only thing podunk about Omaha, is the thinking of some of it's citizens.

Anonymous said...

As long as you are a city of over 200,000, you should have a traffic reporter.

Anonymous said...

Oh stop! Omaha does not NEED a live traffic reporter! Sure, if neccessary have the anchor say "I-80 westbound 72 to 42 is slow going this morning due to an accident" but you don't need a live person every ten minutes to tell you about every pothole or light outage in Omaha. Stop already it's silly- and we all know it!

Anonymous said...

With the way the idiots in this city drive, believe me, I can certainly see the need for a traffic reporter.

Brian said...

On the traffic reporter thing...I don't know that the graphics used are truly necessary. Perhaps a text graphic listing the "hot spots" instead might work, if you have to have something like that at all.

Outside of that, has anyone driven towards downtown Chicago? Been there 3 times last year for business and really thought the electronic signs overhead providing estimates as to how long it would take to reach such-and-such exit from that point were really useful - AND they were pretty accurate.

Anonymous said...

This town has a size complex. Freud would have a ball. Before you know it the entire state will be Omaha just so it can say it has 1 million people.

Anonymous said...

O.K. That argument that Omaha is almost a million people (uh, waaaay off, my friend) includes places like Elkhorn, Ralston and I would even guess you're including Bellevue. Maybe you're even including Lincoln and Council Bluffs since it's in the viewing area?! There is no need to cover traffic in those small areas of the Metro that don't even have traffic. I don't know what your assessment of "traffic" is... but it is only for about 20 minutes during "rush hour" in the morning and evening on the Interstate and Dodge, Pacific and a few other streets. I've lived in Omaha 25+ years, and have also been in several other top 30 markets, and call tell you it is not NECESSARY for traffic reports like they use with Jana Murrell. It is more than adequate with what Channel Six does. People make fun of Jana because of what she does, not how she does it. Most bigger markets use traffic cops for those reports so that look a little less stupid. Omaha is NOT a huge market just because it's not a one-stoplight town! Yes, Freud would have a ball...

Anonymous said...

A traffic report when there are delays is useful, a traffic reporter...not so much. I think a homeless guy could be brought in off the street to tell you what the delays are...on a 15 second delay of course.

Anonymous said...

Amen, 5:02!

Anonymous said...

For the record, Omaha's metro population is 860,000. The 60th largest metroplitan area in the US. This is a fact. Within the Omaha city limits only (and yes, including the 'beloved' Elkhorn), the population is 434,000. The 42th largest city in the US. This is also a fact. Regarding whether Omaha needs a live traffic reporter or not, I know of NO other city/metro within Omaha's size classification that dosen't have some sort of live traffic television repoter. Even MUCH smaller Des Moines does, and their metro population is 300,000 smaller than Omaha. I think another person here said it, but c'mon people. You don't live in a 'podunk' city. Stop thinking like you do. Jeez! Or move to Loop City NE if that makes y'all happy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When you combine the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas together, the population is 1,142,690 according to the latest US Census Bureau 2006 estimates.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 9:45 is correct. I don't know where 8:06 is getting his/her information. But, with that reasoning, why would Omaha be the 75th market and Des Moines 70th? I don't believe anyone said Omaha was "podunk," however, it's not such a massive city that it needs a traffic reporter that gets dogged on all the time for the job she does. Traffic reports: yes. Traffic reporter: no.

Anonymous said...

Well heck, let's just throw in all of Nebraska and just call it somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.7 million people since we decided to include Lincoln in this. Omaha is a medium sized city and always will be. Get over it already.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's "Loup City."

Anonymous said...

The reason Des Moines TV market has a 'higher' ranking, is because it spands a much larger coverage area (pretty much all of central Iowa). Omaha's TV market does not include Lincoln, and only includes several additional counties beyond it's metro area. A much smaller coverage area. The Nielsen TV market rankings are very misleading, and have nothing to do with actual metro populations.

Anonymous said...

OMG I am drooling looking at Greg Petersons picture. I think I speak on behalf of most women over 30. He is why I watched channel 3. Carlo is damn cute, but no match for that silver haired fox.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:30 AM

Greg Peterson - is that you? ;-p

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