Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Report That Is Throwing Omaha Media Into A Frenzy

Change of heart: Altman staying at Creighton

Jeff Goodman / FOXSports.com | Posted: 5:07 p.m.

Dana Altman is heading back to Creighton.

Altman, who left to take the job at Arkansas on Monday morning, has decided not to go to Fayetteville after all, according to a pair of industry sources close to the situation.

Altman, 48, has spent the last 13 years at Creighton and was 260-141 in his tenure.

Arkansas missed out on Billy Gillispie and outgoing athletic director Frank Broyles turned his attention to Altman earlier this week.

Altman took the job, went to Arkansas yesterday and then changed his mind this morning.

Phone calls placed to Altman were not immediately returned.

Jeff Goodman is a senior college basketball writer for FOXSports.com. He can be reached at GoodmanonFOX@aol.com.


Anonymous said...

You leave, you come back... I don't know. I'm not warm and fuzzy about this. Wonder what happened.

Anonymous said...


Both Omaha.com and Wowt.com have the exact same story. Word for word.

Huh, makes ya' wonder who wrote it and who took it.

Since the Omaha.com story has a byline contribution, my money is on the fish wrap.

Nice work - Ch. 6.

I think I remember from my high school journalism class that was called plagarism, but I guess in today's day and age of reporting its called "Live and Local."

Oh, wait a minute - maybe that is what they call "Total Team Coverage?"

I get sooo confused!

Anonymous said...

7:14 pm - Maybe they both got it from the same wire service? Ever heard of AP?

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't have got it from a wire service and then put their own byline on it...

Not to mention the AP story didn't show up on the 'Net until after 7...

Anonymous said...

He is apparently not on the terrorist-based can't-fly-list.

Anonymous said...

Har, har, har! First Hagel punks us and now Altman! Har, har, har! I knew I moved to this community for the endless laughs the public figures would give me! Oh gosh, if only they knew a great sense of timing and did it on April 1st! I can't stand it! This is positively hilarious!

Anonymous said...

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