Wednesday, April 11, 2007

NFL Network Will Broadcast Husker Spring Game

NFL Network LogoThe NFL Network will provide same-day coverage of the Nebraska football team's Red-White game, which kicks off at 12:30 p.m. Saturday.

The game comes at the end of the Huskers' spring practices and typically attracts more than 50,000 fans. The NFL Network, which is available in approximately 41 million homes, will broadcast the game Saturday night at 8.

The Husker Sports Radio Network will provide live coverage of the game on 33 stations within the state and 14 stations outside Nebraska.

Nebraska Coach Bill Callahan will help provide commentary on the game for the NFL Network, along with former Nebraska receiver Matt Davison and announcer Greg Sharpe.

"This is a unique opportunity to showcase Nebraska on a network that is all football, all the time," Nebraska Athletic Director Steve Pederson said in a press release. "We know it will be impressive for the nation to see a great crowd in Memorial Stadium for the Red-White Spring Game."


Anonymous said...

Thats great! Great for those who have the NFL Network but people who live in Lincoln get screwed because of Time Warner Cable. TWC refuses to put this network on their system.

Anonymous said...

It's a scrimmage for heaven's sake! Just more proof that Big Red fans need to get a life!

Brian said...

@ 6:19 AM...

It isn't as if this is a breakthrough broadcast or anything. ESPNU has shown Spring games for other colleges over the past couple of years. Recently, I recall seeing Oklahoma's being broadcast.

Anonymous said...


We should NEVER, EVER allow our enemies to see our precious practice films. Don't you realize that we are giving away valuable, tactical information about our system. Televising the Spring Game is unacceptable. Thank Goodness Steve Pederson has put his foot down and stopped the infidels at NET or ESPN from broadcasting this top secret event!

(Later, upon hearing news of the NFL Network)

Ohhhhhhhhhh! Joy and rapture! Ohhhhhhhhh the glory of The Vision! This is a move of pure genious by our beloved Athletic Director.

Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!! This will open new doors to recruiting as talented young people will get to see our system, our fan support and the Power of Red!

Anonymous said...

I guess Callahan is auditioning for his next job - as a broadcaster. He has no future as a football coach (as the Raiders found out several years ago).

Anonymous said...

1). If I'm not mistaken, I think 12 households plus about 3 sports bars in the country get the NFL Network.

2). We're a twisted enough fan base that if the spring game was Pay-Per-View, you'd get about 20,000 people buying it.

3). Another money grab by Peterson. I guess you can't fault the guy for chasing the dollars. Still trying to pay for the new facilities and his "soaring" popularity isn't going to pay for it.

4). Coach C providing commentary during the game, uh, scrimmage??? What pearls of wisdom can we expect from a game where the QB is wearing the green jersey. I think the #1's are going against the student managers or something like that.

5). Since this is being tape-delayed, I wonder if they'll do the same thing ESPN does with replays in the middle of the night, "In the interest of time we move forward to action later in the 3rd quarter." Should make for a quick broadcast since there is usually no stoppage of the clock in the 2nd half of the spring game.

6). Wake us up when its time for the USC game and then we'll start worrying about the season.

7). Oh and finally for all those die-hards out there... no, you can't turn the sound down on the TV coverage and turn up the radio broadcast. Well, actually go ahead and try it. Might sound better with the TV images paired up against something like "Imagination Theater" or a replay of Michael Savage.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:42 PM

The NFL Network is on the Sports Tier of Cox Digital Cable, I believe. As is ESPNU, which has shown spring games of other colleges as well.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:19 AM

What do you care? If you don't like it, don't watch it. Oh wait - I know you! You're the GUY who, in gym class, asked to be excused because you were having your period.

Anonymous said...

HEY! Maybe I'll turn the radio down during the scrimmage and DVD the game on the NFLN at 12:30 p.m. and THEN, when it's really on at 8 p.m., I'll turn on my radio to hear Jim Rose and turn Callahan and the TV guys down. That way, I gets 'da best of both worlds. Yup yup.

Michael Carnes said...

Any truth to the rumor that Steve Pederson is going to be physically run out of town by former Husker football players as part of the halftime show tonight???

Anonymous said...

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