Wednesday, December 5, 2007

McWilliams' Unit Scheduled To Return

KETV meteorologist (and Army National Guard Lt.) Chuck McWilliams is scheduled to return to Omaha this afternoon along with other members of the National Guard's 755th Chemical Company. visitors have been able to follow Lt. McWilliams through his station blog, the "Lieutenant's Lounge."


Anonymous said...

Glad you are home in one piece, Chuck. Sorry the coverage of your homecoming got blown out of the water.

PS: What will happen to the Ubernerd, Roger Schwartz?

Anonymous said...

How ironic when a unit returns from a war zone, that such violence overtakes the headlines that such a homecoming SHOULD bring.

Thank you to Chuck and his unit and their service to the country!!!

Anonymous said...

Roger or John Campbell probably will be moved to a full time reporter if he stays

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Roger only hired to cover for Chuck in his absence? I'm pretty sure John is full time, Roger will get the boot.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Roger was only hired to cover Chuck in his absence. That said, his contract was most likely set up as such. It wouldn't be a "boot" if Roger does end up leaving...rather just finishing his contract with the station.

That said, while happy to see Chuck return safely and back on the air soon, you hate to see someone go that has become part of the team you enjoy watching.

Either way, thanks to Roger for his work on air as well as with John on the weather blog.

If his time in Omaha is ending soon, I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

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