Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Front Pages

Above, from left: Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News.

Above, from left: Lincoln Journal Star, Kansas City Star

Above, from left: Omaha World-Herald, Diario de Pernambuco (Brazil)

Above, from left: North Platte Telegraph, New York Post.

All images above courtesy of The Newseum, except for the North Platte Telegraph.


Anonymous said...

"IT Happened to US"

What a horrible headline. OWH is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Actually... I liked the OWH headline and was quite suprised they thought out of the box.

Anonymous said...

Out of the box? Whats the one thing you hear at EVERY one of these types of shootings? "I cant believe it happened in ________."

It was not out of the box at all.

Stotheizze said...

Hey 9:19 and 10:53: What bright headline ideas do you have?
Let me guess, 'Mall Massacre' or something like that.
It happened to us was a quote by someone involved in the situation that pretty much sums up what I'm sure many in the area thought.
It's not a perfect headline, but what is in a situation like this? None you could think up, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

The 2 morning shows I saw this morning seemed to like it, as they both mentioned it. Granted, I think the OWH is a crap rag, but I can at least be objective.

Anonymous said...

I think the World Herald did an excellent job of covering the mall shooting the past few days. Nice job Omaha World Herald! The World Herald did themselves proud the past few days. Now if they really wanted to impress us they would go digging around in that killers past a little. Theres a hundred more stories lurking in that killers back history. Someone needs to investigate that alleged death threat the killer had made to his step mom because thats an important question here. Was that a serious threat. And if the serious threat was made in what form was it made and how often was the threat made. Or is there a chance that the step mother was just trying to find an excuse to get rid of him. And how about that woman that owned the house he stayed in the past year? That woman saw 3 kids playing with an ak-47 in her own living room the night before the mall shooting and she didnt say a thing? That woman stated numerous times in interviews the night of the shooting that "Robbie was disturbed". So she knew he was disturbed but she didnt think anything about him having an ak-47 in her house? And shes a registered nurse and yet she didnt realize that someone who she knew had been on depression drugs shouldnt be messing around with an AK-47. And how about a real close scrutinization of the timeline of when that woman says she found the suicide note and when she gave it to the killers mother. Get on it boys! The dad and the step dad need a close look at to because i smell a story in both those cases as well. And that pack of friends he had is a whole can of worms in its self. Howcome i have a sneaking suspicion those kids knew alot more about this then they are letting on. Get on it boys!

Anonymous said...

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