Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tom Becka Will Broadcast Thursday From United Nations

United Nations BuildingKFAB (1110 AM) afternoon talk show host Tom Becka will broadcast live from the United Nations on Thursday.

Becka's 4 to 7 p.m. program will originate from an area of New York City that is considered international territory. (For those of you keeping track, the project to remove asbestos from the UN buildings continues - seven years after it got underway.)

Becka will also be a panelist at Talkers Magazine's 16th consecutive annual convention on Saturday. The event is one of the largest gatherings of key players in the talk media industries.


Anonymous said...

sean, what happened to the comment section in the Bill Jensen story?

Anonymous said...

not only that the whole Bill Jensen article was chopped up and edited! I would guess someone related to Journal flexed their muscle and this site backed off

Sean Weide said...

Actually, the print version of the story was inadvertently posted earlier Tuesday.

You can read the 475-word story in its entirety in this week's print edition of the Omaha City Weekly.

Oh b-b-boy! I caught the l-last D-D-Do-Do! said...

Tom Becka = Stuttering John of the Midwest

Becka a "key player"? For what, boring radio broadcasting? Please.

Obbop said...

Becka is a decent chap.

Anonymous said...

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