Monday, June 18, 2007

Former Omaha Anchor Michael Scott Resurfaces In Huntsville

According to Bottom Line Communications, former Omaha anchor Michael Scott will be the new anchor and managing editor at WAAY-ABC in Huntsville, Ala.

Scott is best known for stumbling and falling during a live segment on KXAS-NBC in Dallas when a lizard jumped on him during an interview. Huntsville is the 84th largest TV market in the country, according to Nielsen Media Research (Omaha is No. 77).

In Omaha, Scott worked at KETV (Cox Channel 9) and KMTV (Cox Channel 5) - with a stint at "Entertainment Tonight" in between - before heading to Dallas, Charlotte (for three months) and Kansas City's KCTV-CBS. Scott worked at KCTV until suddenly leaving the station Dec. 1, 2006.

Kansas City Star TV columnist Aaron Barnhart dropped hints on his blog that sexual harassment had something to do with Scott's departure.


Anonymous said...

It goes without saying the mighty have fallen. Don't forget, this guy was the Democratic nominee for the Second Congressional District a few years back as well as his history of anchoring/reporting jobs.
Let's hope that whatever female/alcohol/controlled substance problem(s) that caused him to go from Kansas City to Huntsville (after a 6 month job search, no less) can be conquered.

Anonymous said...

These Huntsville people need to track down Carol Schraeder. Then we can have the news like the good olds days.

old school said...

How does somebody in good conscience drop hints that sexual harassment may have been involved in Michael Scott's departure? Either you have some solid info or you don't put that out there. Call me "old school" but this type of garbage is why I'm not a big fan of blogosphere or talk radio. You can post or say just about anything without any ramifications.

Anonymous said...

Michael and I worked together at KETV.....He was instrumental in helping KETV to the top. I have known him for years. We are very fortunate to have someone of his talents and abilities at WAAY-TV in Hunstville. He got a "bum rap" in Kansas City. Ray Depa, VP/GM, WAAY-TV.

Anonymous said...

I guess he got another "Bum Rap" in Huntsville too.
He was a featured in News Blues with this article,
The Article ran on Monday, Calvo had known of several of his indiscretions and Scott had been written up numerous times. It wasn't until Calvo was embarrassed by the News Blues article that his had was forced and he fired Scott Tuesday.
News Blues article,


Tipsters at Calkins-owned WAAY-31-ABC in Huntsville (Market #83) say primary news anchor Michael Scott has been suspended after openly berating news producer Jabaree Pruitt, who abruptly quit.

According to those who witnessed the incident, Scott, during a commercial break in the 10 p.m. newscast, referred to Pruitt as a Negro. When Pruitt ask him not to use that word, Scott called him a “nigger.” Both men are black.

Scott has had a well-traveled career, with stops in Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver, Omaha, Charlotte (3 months), Kansas City, and now Huntsville.

Manny Calvo, acting GM and president of Calkins Media, who suspended Scott, did not respond to requests for comment. The station has been without a news director since April.

Anonymous said...

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Midwestern Mama said...

He works at Younkers in the Westroads now. I saw him working the cash register. Seriously!