Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Letter That Has To Be Published

Normally, mail received in the Media Watch inbox is not published verbatim. But a recent e-mail brings to light something often pointed out by viewers who are non-industry types (i.e. the "typical viewer") – that TV newscasts seemed to be filled with typographical errors.

Here's the letter:

Seriously, the folks at WOWT need to hire somebody to do a little proofreading for them. I'm sure they could find a high school student who'll do it for 10 bucks an hour. In a single "awlful" story on the WOWT website about lighting on a bridge:

Jacobs says "It's not well lit, it's not well lit. It's awlful tough because traffic goes up and merges and sometimes the lighting at night is worse that others."

And there's more:

"It's one of those issues that the lightening is down far enough that it needs to be taken care of, fixed up or repaired," says Jacobs.

Not to mention their Daybreak blog. Where Jim Siedlecki managed to mangle several athletes' names in a single post. What's worse is they act like they don't even care. Terrible!

Here is that Daybreak post (with misspellings in BLUE):

Top Six Showboat Athletes

These lists are always open for discussion and every sports fan with a pulse will agree that Terrel Owens deserves a higher ranking on this list. Obviously they have picked only current players because Deion Sanders is not on the list.







See you all Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

"10 bucks an hour" to proofread? Ha! There are long-time employees at WOWT who make barely more than that. Channel 6 is circling the drain, trying to do news on the cheap. The product has really gone downhill in the last year or so.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I agree as well. No offense meant to 6, but I have noticed quite a few spelling errors as well, as of late, as have many others. I don't mind the product 6 puts out, but I sure wish they would take some pride in their spell checking. Just some constructive critcism there with no ill intent meant. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Channel 7 -- in Wednesday's 5pm, the graphic read "Blockbuster chooses Blue-Ray HD DVD's"

First of all, it's "e". Second, it's not Blu-ray's just Blu-ray, HD DVD is the COMPETING format.

And finally, the story had been reported 48 HOURS PRIOR by The Wall Street Journal...I thought TV was supposed to beat the paper.

Ted Brockman said...

Is anyone surprised that Gomer Siedlecki can't spell or that no one at WOWT seems to care?

In fairness to Channel Sux, however, they're not alone. Channels 3, 7, and 42 are just as bad in the spelling department.

But, because those stations aren't as smug about their work as the clowns at Sux, the spelling slip-ups at the other outlets are more easily tolerated.

Anonymous said...

I think the most hilarious part is that he spelled "Alexander Ovechkin" right, but blew the easy ones.

Dingbat said...

On that WOWT blog. That Siedlecki had the nerve to turn around and act all offended and sarcastic when people starting calling him on his mistakes. Kind of uncool I think.

Anonymous said...

On the 5:00 newscast on channel Sux last night, John Knicely proved he's just a talking head and has no clue when he TWICE mispronounced "Stonehenge" as "Stonehedge".

Anonymous said...

I spent several years as the defacto spell checker for a local station, producing graphics and visual copy for newscasts. Reporters and anchors could spell no better then than now. I recall the station female anchor tearing into the news director's office to demand he tear me a new one. She complained that I had changed her copy of "Elkhorn, Iowa" to "Elk Horn, Iowa" which, of course, was the correct way to spell the Iowa town.
Now that reporters input their own visual copy into a computer, don't expect anything to change soon. Maybe TV reporters have become the new teachers (those who can, do. those who can'

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm not seeing it on the blog where Jim was offended and sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of anybody as smug about their work as a clown named Ted. Teddy boy need some attention? Did Mommy let you back online for a minute? Can't wait for the posts about Pat Persaud, Suzanne Deyo and Travis.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else chuckle a couple weeks ago when Channel 6's Outdoor Sports graphic spelled "Walleye" as "Walley"?

Anonymous said...

what is going on in the production department? did they hire some high school kids to TD the show? MY GOD IT SUX!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that the big 6 called it the "Tribble Trail" on last night's newscast instead of the "Tribble TRIAL"? They then proceeded to let the glaring error remain on the screen for the entire story. Please get someone to spell check for these errors or take them off the screen when noticed. It makes you look very bad.

Anonymous said...

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