Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Putting the 'Press' Back In The Omaha Press Club

The Omaha Press Club is offering a special incentive to bolster its ranks of working members of the media.

A three-month, dues-free trial membership is being offered to working media who are not currently members. Trial members receive a membership number, which allows them to charge food and beverages to their account. After the initial three months has expired, an annual membership for working media is $96. (There are no longer any monthly or quarterly minimums.)

Visit www.omahapressclub.org or call (402) 345-8587 for more details or to sign up.


Anonymous said...

If I join, can a make a nomination for the "Barroom floor?"

How about Kevin Kugler, so that Jim Rose can write another fuming letter and threaten to cancel his membership.

Anonymous said...

How about Matt Perrault?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Perrault's face has been on many an Omaha barroom floor.

Likely knocked there by angry females that he has insulted.

Anonymous said...

Insulted? Or AH-ssaulted???

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can pay proper tribute to Perrault by placing his picture in the urinals rather than the barroom floor.

Anonymous said...

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