Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When An Embargo Isn't Honored

There's a story behind the massive crop circle that will be shown on tonight's episode of "American Idol."

Media outlets were alerted about the circle and how it came about through an embargoed press release from the Omaha office of advertising agency Swanson Russell Associates. But not everyone agreed to the embargo that was to have held the details until after tonight's Omaha-centric episode airs on KPTM-42 at 7 p.m.

Judith Siers-Poisson, who contributes to PR Watch.org, a blog that is part of the Center for Media and Democracy, publishes the entire text of the press release and photos that were sent out by Swanson Russell Public Relations Manager Jennifer Windrum.

Siers-Poisson writes:

Unfortunately for Ms. Windrum, this incentive means nothing to us. I emphatically do not want to keep getting her emails, and neither I nor CMD has ever promised to honor an "embargo" on what is essentially unsolicited spam... Now, I know this is far from an earthshaking story. To be honest, I just got annoyed past the point of politeness. And hopefully, PR "pros" will learn to not send unsolicited emails -- especially embargoed information -- to PR industry watchdogs.

What follows in the comments section is a back-and-forth exchange between Siers-Poisson and Windrum that might have been better handled as a private phone call between the two parties.


Anonymous said...

They should have gotten Perrault to ride the combine.

Anonymous said...


Simon said...

Judith comes across as a self-important beyatch in this little exchange. She works for a "PR industry watchdog" (that makes me feel so safe knowing they're out there fighting for my PR rights), yet, since she was annoyed she recieved an e-mail, she decided to publish an item which she was asked not to. Real mature.
Of course, 99.9% of Amereica neither knows about her or the "leaked crop circle" story. This one gets 2 YAWNS in the "importance to everyday life" category!

Simon said...

And that goes double for all the folks in AMERICA, too.....

Anonymous said...

Ms Windrum must be clueless to assume that someone would follow an embargo just because she demanded it in a news release! There are good PR professionals out there, but she is obviously not one of them. And the "PR Professional of the Year" award means nothing - these generally recognize someone who did the officer/grunt work in an organization for a year, and typically doesn't have anything to do with whether they are good at their job!

Anonymous said...

Also interesting to read the difference between Windrum's two replies to Siers-Poisson - kind of changes her story the second time ("oops, you got the e-mail by accident"). I wonder if backpedaling is in the PRSA Code of Ethics!

Anonymous said...

Embargoes are common practice in a wide variety of industries. One of the most common is in the health industry -- those New England Journal of Medicine stories you always see on the news? Those are embargoed, but sent to PR people so that they can secure interviews with health professionals so that a package can run on the evening news. It is not the evil practice Siers-Poisson tries to make it out to be. It is more of a courtesy practice, if anything.

Her actions against Ms. Windrum were not only rude, but childish. Ms. Windrum is right; if she had half a brain she would figure out how to get off the mailing list (which she probably unknowingly signed up for herself).

I agree that there is plenty of news fakery. But give Ms. Windrum a break -- she was just doing her job!

And, I think this issue really speaks of the topic of news staff shortage so often prevalent on this blog. If it weren't for the PR people hand-feeding our local news hacks tidbits like this, there would be nothing on tv on in the newspaper.

Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

must have been worried of locals taking advantage of the tourist potential of circles. included Buses or helicopters tours of circle site, walking tours, t-shirts and book sales! i would have promoted this from day one! think of the $$ people would have paid to go see this!

Anonymous said...

Matt Perrault is Gay!

Anonymous said...

What is the obsession with Perraault's sexuality...? I mean I am not a fan of the guy by any means, but geez...get a life guy...It isn't funny anymore.

Anonymous said...

1:45 PM:

I agree. Besides, what in the name of Big Sports 590 does this have to do with what was posted? Go away guy...leave the blog to the wrestling fans.

Anonymous said...

Let's get back to the question of Jennifer Windrum's competancy. My impression of her at KMTV was that she was not a very good reporter, mainly a career-minded climber who talked a good game. Anyone else have this experience? Her handling of this situation would sure point to a mediocre grasp of public relations - first of all, no one would fight this battle in public!

Anonymous said...

How about Judith vs. Jen in a winner take all "embargo" steel cage bikini pillow fight. Now THAT would be entertainment.

Anonymous said...

soooo Swanson Russell is to blame for Omaha looking like we're all farmers... just what we want... thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

yea it might have been nice to not see that crop circle all night. Omaha looked like it may as well have been Wahoo.

Steve said...

They made omaha look really,really bad tonight. Actually, they made the entire state of nebraska look bad. Not one winner was from nebraska.

Anonymous said...

Are Jen and Judith teenage girls?

Anonymous said...

wow, I wasted my time on this...I want my 2 minutes back

when is this blog going to go back to what it used to be? I miss reading something new everyday, not every 2 weeks.....

when one person did this, there was something everyday, now with 2 of you....nothing....

by the way, all this over a stupid crop circle for show that is slowly losing its charm.....

Anonymous said...

8:04 a.m. -- "If it weren't for the PR people hand-feeding our local news hacks tidbits like this, there would be nothing on tv (or) in the newspaper."

Good lord. Maybe you should join Ms. Windrum's self-righteous p.r. professionals' pity party. I, for one, am sick of opening my newspaper to see it full of reprinted press releases -- with no credit given to the p.r. hack who made up all those riveting, canned quotes.

Seriously, how delusional do you become when you cross over to the dark side?

Angry Wrestling Guy said...

8:35pm - Okay, here's some new news...

Four Huskers Claim First at Jimmie Open
Four Nebraska wrestlers finished first at the Jimmie Open in Jamestown, N.D., on Saturday. The Huskers dominated the field to combine for a 16-0 mark as all the Husker victories were bonus-point wins, including 11 pins on the day.

Read the full story & look at the picture at the following link:

Anonymous said...

Breaking news: Perrault loves it deep in his ass.

Anonymous said...

All this hubbub over a quasi-reality show full of morons?

Seriously...has there ever been a better argument for eliminating several billion people from the gene pool? I went against my better judgement and actually watched the first 10 minutes of American Idiot, and I saw the first two losers make complete asses of themselves. I turned the TV off after that...there is no hope for television if that is the best there is to offer.

Oh...and Matt Perrault dresses like Pat Persaud...

Anonymous said...

well, I see we will be losing instant viewing of our comments shortly.....

Anonymous said...

I sat down with my wife and watched that crap of a show last night. Congratulations on making us look like hicks once again.

It all started with about 1 million corn references. Last I looked, not to much corn in the city of Omaha unless you are looking on a store shelf. Then you have the girl who says that there is nothing to do in Omaha. Okay little girl. Leave.

This did nothing to help the image of Omaha or Nebraska. I told my wife that the new ball park has to be built now so we can get some positive national publicity back here during CWS time because this really made us look like slack jawed yokels last night.

Anonymous said...

And yet another reason not to watch American Karaoke...Why waste the time?

Anonymous said...

On Windrum: One of the least helpful PR people in Omaha, from my experiences.

On PR embargoes: RIDICULOUS! It's one thing if a CBS station shoots some video, puts it on a feed, but doesn't want the competition in its own market to pick and use it's video. But to embargo a crop circle. If you don't want the attention, don't send out a release. But, I think the biggest point is missed. Windrum's embargo was the dumbest PR move I've ever seen. Instead of an embargo, have news organizations out for days before it airs to look at it. Rent a helicopter. Get as much coverage as possible. Then, people will watch it again on American Idol. Windrum has it totally backwards -- use your best tease video to sell a story, don't keep it a secret.

Gorilla Monsoon said...

More wrestling. No talk about crop circles, talk about circles on soft wrestling mats. Sound like Perrault would look nice in a singlet. Now time to go get a Pete Rose haircut.

Axel Rosenberg said...

Time to dissect a horribly-written response, showing Jennifer - Miss Windrum if you're nasty - can't be much of a self-proclaimed "pro" if she can't do basic proofreading.

"As a former reporter, I take my job as a PR professional very seriously. This includes honoring an embargo for the people I work with, whether it be a client or American Idol."

Does this mean Idol wasn't a client? Then why was she doing work for them?

"Just to inform you, people aren't just "discovering" your email."

Two justs in one sentence? And it's e-mail, not email. Check your AP stylebook. Hunch, she doesn't know what the e stands for.

"You are listed as a media contact in professional media databases that nearly all PR agencies subscribe to that compiles media contact information so PR people DO NOT send unsolicited information."

Compile, not compiles.

"So if you want removed from the lists, it's probably a very easy to do so."

Huh? Bookend so's, and a couple of words seem to be missing (to be), and there's an extra a. She's gets paid for this?

"This would prevent people from sending information to you altogether."

Would it? Wow, what a revelation.

"I do NOT intentionally send emails to recipients who do not want to be contacted. If I did, not only would this be very bad PR practice, but it can have very negative consequences for my agency regarding becoming blacklisted by someone who does NOT want to be contacted."

Regarding becoming? Come on, I'm running out of fish to shoot in this barrel.

"Again, an issue taken very seriously."

Not kind of seriously or, like, totally seriously? Another empty calorie word.

"While the email I sent regarding the EMBARGOED information may not be of interest to you, it is a legitmate news story that I sent with explicit instructions to honor the embargo."

Legitimate news story? Maybe legit fluff. Explicit instructions. Wow, all hail her heinous. We wouldn't want Paula mad at us, or she might not be able to take three steps forward then two steps back without having another meltdown. Come on, J Dub, let's don't take ourselves so seriously. Oh, there's that word again.

"If anything, it shows that I truly do follow the rules."

Do you? Truly?

"I don't think the Nebraska Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America would name me "Professional of the Year" if I didn't follow PR ethics and protocol. (Not boasting, merely making a point)."

January 29, 7:34 AM already took care of this, thank you.

"My advice to you - get off those media lists so you can't be bothered by PR people's "drivel" any longer. I hope you share this email with your readers with the enthusiasm you posted my EMBARGOED email."

She really needs to learn the e-mail rule, doesn't she? Why does she keep yelling EMBARGOED? Goodness, you'd think this was a national secret instead of a fading fad.

"And, rest assured, you will NOT be contacted by me in the future."

Obviously not true since the cat fight continued in the blog.

January 29, 2:15 and 9:53, spot on.

How could Seacrest tell if it was corn or not, aren't most stalks taller than him? The Gen X Bert Convy/Orson Bean.

Ladies and gentlemen, the carcass is yours.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why it was embargoed anyway...was there a compelling reason not to inform the public? Seems like its too easy to say "lets embargo this"...almost unethical...IMO

Anonymous said...

8:02 AM:

Interesting...not certain if you were being facetious when you spelled "heinous". Shouldn't it be highness? If you were being sarcastic on this; great. If not, well...people in glass houses and all that...

Anonymous said...

8:02 PM:

Haven't read a nice little diatribe like that since Ted Brockman left the building! You had me laughing all the way through and called a spade a spade.

Axel Rosenberg said...

Heinous was definitely intentional. Credit for that goes to an episode of Wayne's World when Ed O'Neill was the SNL guest host.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation for those of us cultural idiots and sorry for my misunderstanding to ANON 8:02

Anonymous said...

Er Axel...see...I can't read either. Great stuff there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jan 30, 6:53 am... I don't know anyone who's had a good experience working with Windrum, either with SRA or during her time in the Mayor's office. Doesn't know her stuff and has a greatly over-inflated opinion of herself, her abilities and her importance. Her botching of this situation, and response to the PR Watch article, reinforce this even more.

Anonymous said...

Nebraska public relations society professional of the year makes a big time, obvious, blundering rookie mistake. what a joke and reflection on the state pr chapter and the state of the industry.

Anonymous said...

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