Thursday, August 9, 2007

Veronica Speaks

Speaking of car pitchpeople, former KETV-7 traffic reporter Veronica Todd has been burning up local TV screens with her ads for Huber Chevrolet. You can even check out some of the commercials at her Web site,

“It’s been really fun,” she said this week. “I tell you, it was 100 degrees yesterday and we were out there. I’m kind of afraid what they’ll look like, because I was sweating like crazy. I turned on a Trail Blazer and sat in the air when I could.

“But it’s fun and they treat me really good. They had a lot of people audition for this job, and I was the lucky chosen one. And they’re doing well with this campaign.”

And that cute little dog licking Todd’s face in the Nebraska humane Society/Huber commercial promotion – that was Todd’s Britney Spaniel Tess.

Todd has appeared in ad campaigns for several companies and products. Among those listed are the Upstream Brewing Company, Pamida, Oriental Trading Company, Ameritrade, Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau and Kawasaki Motorcycles.

(She also was a model for the City Weekly’s first Fashion Guide in 2004, and again in the CW’s Holiday Fashion Guide in 2006.)

Among her talents, Veronica lists: “Ear prompter proficient, voiceovers, magic illusions, training and industrial videos, game show hostess, corporate spokesperson.”


Anonymous said...

EAR PROMPTER PROFICIENT? Oh wow, thats a new one. Just shows how much you have to know to be a traffic reporter in Omaha Nebraska.

Anonymous said...

I kinda miss Veronica Todd on the morning news. She was always good for a laugh. Like the morning the graphic switched and she said something like, "Oooh, I didn't know it did that!" If she would have giggled it would have been even funnier.

Anonymous said...

“But it’s fun and they treat me really good."

With grammar this poor, how is she NOT an anchor?

jt said...

"Ear prompter proficient" That sounds like William Hurt's character in "Broadcast News" when Holly Hunter and Albert Brooks were feeding him the info in his ear to sound intelligent.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what you say, she's hot. Rock on, Veronica!

Anonymous said...

She's not that hot.

Anonymous said...

Veronica speaks.....and no one listens. She was a disaster traffic reporter. Her replacement was no better. The new one seems a little better....why did they get rid of the old dude with the voice. Although he did not have a slick high tech map, he could actually tell you something useful about traffic conditions.

Anonymous said...

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