Saturday, March 24, 2007

Larry Porter Retires From The World-Herald

Longtime high school sportswriter and prep rater Larry Porter retired from the Omaha World-Herald Sunday after more than 40 years with the newspaper.

After 14 years of writing about high school athletes and coaches, Porter switched to the hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation beat when Gene Hornbeck announced his retirement in May of 1990.

In 1985, Porter was one of three Nebraskans to be honored by the National Sportcasters and Sportswriters Association for excellence in sports journalism.


ghostofpavelka said...

Larry is a class act, and his humor and charm will be missed by colleagues and readers.

foxspit said...

Porter will be missed. Great journalist (and a Kearney product!) and good guy.

Obbop said...

Wish that supposedly "retire" egoistic publisher who refuses to leave the op-ed page would really retire and allow a writer needing a job a chance.

Heck, the target market for that old coot is mostly in the graveyards, anyway.

No wonder newspapers are losing subscribers and readers; at the least the local rag reaches out to the extreme elderly!!!!

Anonymous said...

Porter was a great guy and will be missed. Unlike Obbop -- who somehow uses a thread about Larry to bash Harold Anderson. Another great post from the immigrant hater

Anonymous said...

The boys at Prep will be most upset, now they actually have to earn their way into the sports rankings. He may be from Kearney, but his ratings heart lies with Prep all the way. Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Geez, 3/29 11:49 a.m. anonymous - Porter hasn't done ratings since the days when Prep was the only school in Omaha recruiting. You're probably still bitter that the Dodgers left Brooklyn for L.A., Truman defeated Dewey and the North beat the South in the Civil War.

I can't believe I am able to say this, but you've just made Obbop appear intelligent...a most dubious distinction.

Obbop said...


What do YOU know about "immigrants"?

Did YOU work in the California fields alongside the folks?

Were YOU an Anglo minority amongst a horde of illegals?

Were YOU forced out of your home state by a horde of barbarians?

YOU go live the experience. You here in Nebraska ain't experienced nuthin' yet.

But, the MILLIONS keep flooding in. Your turn will come!!!!! Oh yes it will. I hope you experience what I did for too many years.

Anonymous said...

What we DO know is that this article has NOTHING to do with your immigrant rant. Take it elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Obbop...the next time you have a thought -- just let it go. It's not yours to begin with, and you obviously don't know how to handle it. Leave the thinking to those of us capable of dealing with something that, obviously, is way over your head.

Anonymous said...

Larry Porter was a great asset to the WH and will be sorely missed. I enjoyed his columns and can only hope that the WH places that spot in capable hands. Best wishes Larry.

Anonymous said...

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